Planning & Zoning

Section 17.A of the Stevens County Zoning Ordinance states no person shall erect, add on to, or move any building with a permanent footing greater than two hundred forty (240) square feet in its ground coverage, or part thereof without first securing a land use permit.  All buildings, whether they required a permit or not, shall meet all setback or other requirements of the Ordinance.

Note: Agricultural buildings are no longer exempt from receiving a permit.

Application for a land use permit should be made to the Zoning Administrator on the “Land Use Application” form below.

Stevens County Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
Stevens County Zoning Ordinance (PDF)
Stevens County Zoning Map (PDF)
Stevens County Wind Energy Ordinance (PDF)
Stevens County Subdivision Ordinance (PDF)
Stevens County Flood Plain Ordinance (PDF)
Land Use Application (PDF)
Planning Administrative Form (Conditional Use Application) (PDF)
Planning Administrative Form (Variance) (PDF)

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