Natural Resource Block Grant & MN Pollution Control Agency Grant Information

The Minnesota legislature provides funds to counties to implement programs for Local Water Management, Feedlots, Shoreland, Septic Systems and the Wetland Conservation Act. The following reports indicate the amount and kind of work that was completed as well as the cost to perform the work. Contact the Environmental Servies/Planning & Zoning office if you have questions.

2005 - 2015 Local Water Management Plan (PDF)
2010 Local Water Management Plan Implementation Plan Amendment (PDF)
2011 County Feedlot Annual Report (PDF)
2011 County Shoreland Report (PDF)
2011 County SSTS Report (PDF)
2011 County WCA Report (PDF)
2012 NRBG Annual Report (PDF)
2012 County Feedlot Annual Report (PDF)
2012 County Shoreland Report (PDF)
2012 County SSTS Report (PDF)
2012 County WCA Report (DOC)
2013 NRBG Feedlot eLINK Report (PDF)
2013 NRBG Shoreland eLINK Report (PDF)
2013 NRBG SSTS eLINK Report (PDF)
2013 NRBG WCA eLINK Report (PDF)
2013 NRBG LWM eLINK Report (PDF)
2013 County Feedlot Report (PDF)
2013 County Shoreland Report (PDF)
2013 County SSTS Report (PDF)
2013 County WCA Report (PDF)
2014 NRBG and MPCA Feedlot Reports (PDF)
2014 NRBG and MPCA SSTS Reports (PDF)
2014 NRBG and DNR Shoreland Reports (PDF)
2014 NRBG LWM Report (PDF)
2014 NRBG WCA and BWSR Reports (PDF)
2015 NRBG Feedlot Report (PDF)
2015 MPCA CFO Feedlot Report (PDF)
2015 NRBG SSTS Report (PDF)
2015 NRBG Shoreland Report (PDF)
2015 NRBG WCA and BWSR Report (PDF)
2015 NRBG LWM Report (PDF)
2016 MPCA CFO Feedlot Report (PDF)
2016 NRBG SSTS Report (PDF)
2016 NRBG Shoreland Report (PDF)
2016 NRBG WCA and BWSR Report (PDF)
2016 NRBG LWM Report (PDF)
2017 MPCA CFO Feedlot Report (PDF)
2017 NRBG SSTS Report (PDF)
2017 NRBG Shoreland Report (PDF)
2017 NRBG LWM Report (PDF)
2017 NRBG WCA and BWSR Report (PDF)
2017 NRBG WCA Report Revised (PDF)
2018 NRBG SSTS Report (PDF)
2018 NRBG Shoreland Report (PDF)
2018 NRBG LWM Report (PDF)
2018 NRBG WCA and BWSR Report (PDF)
2018 MPCA CFO Feedlot Report (PDF)
2019 NRBG SSTS Report (PDF)
2019 NRBG Shoreland Report (PDF)
2019 LWM Report (PDF)
2019 NRBG WCA & BWSR Report (PDF)
2019 MPCA CFO Feedlot Report (PDF)
2020 NRBG Septic Treatment Systems (PDF)
2020 NRBG Shoreland Report (PDF)
2020 NRBG Local Water Management Report (PDF)
2020 NRBG Wetland Conservation Act (PDF)
2020 County Feedlot Officer Annual Report (PDF)
2021 NRGB Septic Treatment Systems (PDF)
2021 NRBG Shoreland Report (PDF)
2021 NRBG Local Water Management Report (PDF)
2021 NRBG Wetland Conservation Act (PDF)
2021 County Feedlot Office Annual Report (PDF)