Stevens County Organics

Documents and brochures sharing information about the Stevens County Organics program. Household Organics Recycling Guide Booklet Cover

Stevens County Waste Sorting Mailer (March 2023) Stevens County Waste Sorting Mailer screenshot

Glacial Ridge Compost Facility Engineering & Design

County Commissioner Updates

Presentation updates that Sydney has given to the County Commissioners at their regular meetings.

Stevens County Organics Kickoff


Presentations that Sydney has given across the community.

MPCA Stevens County Organics Grant Documents

The Stevens County Organics Program is funded through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Environmental Assistance Grant Program.  You can find the submitted grant application, signed grant contract, and document of project tasks below.

Other Resources

Links to helpful presentations, documents, and files that have been highlighted throughout the Stevens County Organics Program.

MN Compost Facilities

  • The MPCA hosts a site that allows you to view all permitted compost sites across the state. This map gives an idea of where organics recycling is available across MN and contact information to facilities if you have further questions.