Recording Real Estate Documents

There are 2 ways to submit your documents:  on paper or electronically.  

Submitting Documents on Paper

Either drop off or send in your completed real estate documents along with the required fees.  

NOTE: Recording fees cannot be paid by credit card. They must be paid by check or cash.

If you are sending in documents, please use the following address:

Stevens County Recorder
400 Colorado Ave., Suite 305
Morris, MN   56267

Submitting Documents Electronically

The Stevens County Recorder’s office accepts documents for e-recording.  The following is a list of trusted submitters authorized to e-Record documents for Stevens County:

Tips for e-Recording

  • Current Year Taxes: Full current year taxes are not required to be paid at the time of recording unless there is a split from the tax parcel.
  • Delinquent Property Tax: Delinquent taxes must be paid before any documents can be recorded that transfer the property.
  • State Deed Tax (SDT): SDT is collected with the recording fee and is calculated as follows:                                          Purchase Price X 0.0033.
  • Mortgage Registry Tax (MRT): MRT is collected with the recording fee and is calculated as follows:                           Mortgage amount X 0.0023
  • Modification: When a modification increases the principal mortgage amount, the MRT will be collected with the recording fee.

Well Certificates

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, “Well disclosure is the process by which the seller of property provides information to the buyer and the state about the location and status of all wells on the property.”  You may need to submit a well certificate as part of title transfer. For more information, visit the Minnesota Department of Health. 

eCRV (Electronic Certificate of Real Estate Value)

An eCRV documents a property sale in Minnesota. The Department of Revenue and the county of sale review eCRV information to verify sale terms and to ensure fair property tax assessments.  An eCRV must be filed when Minnesota real property is sold or transferred for consideration of more than $3,000. For more information, visit the MN Department of Revenue