Fees for Recording Documents

Helpful Notes

  • Recording fees cannot be paid with credit cards.
  • You may include recording fees and other fees (such as MRT, SDT or well certificate fees) together in one check payable to the Stevens County Recorder.
  • Real estate taxes must be paid separately but can be collected by the Recorder's Office.

Abstract and Torrens Document Recording Fees

Type of Fee Fee Amount
Recording Fee $46.00
Additional fee for each document referenced over 4 on satisfactions, partial releases and assignments $10.00
Well certificate (if required) $50.00
Plat recording or Registered Land Survey $56.00

*The above fees are associated with a typical recording.  Recordings that are more complex or require additional steps may require additional fees.

Other Fees

Type of Fee Fee Amount
Abstract: Certified Copy of a recorded document $10.00
Torrens: Copy of Torrens Certificate $20.00
Torrens: Certified Copy of Torrens Certificate $30.00
Copies $1.00 per page
Plotter Copies / Scans / Emails $25.00 per page
Copy of Plat $10.00 per plat
    (add certification to copy of plat) $5.00
State Deed Tax Purchase price X 0.0033
Mortgage Registry Tax Mortgage Amount X 0.0023
Research Fees $30.00/hour (minimum of $15.00)