Our office prosecutes crimes and handles civil matters for Stevens County and the cities of Morris, Hancock, Chokio, Donnelly, and Alberta. The attorneys in our office represent our government clients including the State of Minnesota, Stevens County, and the cities with which we have contracts. We do not represent private clients.

Here is a list of some of the services we provide along with links:

  • Our office prosecutes crimes that have been investigated by law enforcement agencies. If you believe you have witnessed a crime or you are a victim of a crime your first step is to call is to contact local law enforcement. Call 320-208-6500 to get in touch with Morris Police or the Stevens County Sheriff’s office. Call 911 if it is an emergency.
  • We prosecute bad checks primarily for local businesses. If you have been issued a bad check and would like our office to consider prosecution, please complete this packet and return it to our office: bad check packet (PDF)
  • Driver’s License Reinstatement Program. Allows individuals who have had their license suspended or revoked and have a current charge of Driving after Suspension or Revocation to get their license back after taking a driving class, signing up for a payments plan to pay fines and reinstatement fees, and meeting other conditions. Contact our office or Diversion Solutions, 415 Main Street, Red Wing, MN 55066, phone: 651-388-1023 for more information.
  • If you are a victim of a crime and our office is prosecuting the matter, click on the link for Victim Services or contact our office for more information on services available to you, including making claims for restitution (recovering money lost because of the crime) and case status updates.
  • Our attorneys often speak to local groups on a variety of legal topics. In the past we have been guest speakers for college and middle/high school classes for topics such as career days, civics, politic science, and anti-bullying. We have spoken to hospital and ambulance staff about mandated reporting for abuse of vulnerable adults and juveniles. Also, we have spoken to groups about prevention of domestic abuse and sexual violence. If you would like to talk with either of our attorneys about speaking to a group or other law related issues, please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact information listed below.

The Stevens County Attorney’s Office is interested in finding better ways to deliver justice. The Quality Justice page has information on projects this office supports in furtherance of justice goals.