Feedlot Permitting

Stevens County is one of 54 counties delegated by the MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to administer the feedlot regulations for facilities with fewer than 1,000 animal units. These responsibilities include: registration, permitting, inspections, education and assistance, and complaint follow-up. In October 2000 a major revision of the feedlot rule (Minn.R.ch.7020) went into effect. The main goals for the feedlot rule are:

  • Register all feedlots capable of holding 50 animal units or more (10 in shoreland areas);
  • Focus on animal feedlots and manure storage areas that have the greatest potential for environmental impact;
  • Expand the role of delegated counties in the feedlot program; and
  • Increase agency and delegated-county staff field presence.

For more information on the County Feedlot Program contact the Environmental Services Office at (320) 208-6558 or click on the following links:

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